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Winter Boots Decor : Shoes Design And Makeover

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Ігри Сім’я Імітація
Розробник: ellie leonard

During winter your shoes have o be not only warm and comfortable, but also very adorable. Winter moccasin boots are cute, but they need some personal touch to be really great and now you have the chance to do just that, by designing your very own!

Start by choosing their shape and decide on the fur, if you want it or not and where you want it placed, or if you would like some leather fringes instead. You can then go to the colors area and paint your amazing boots by choosing the colors for each portion. You can make really interesting combinations if you put your mind into it. You could also go for patterns if you really want something interesting and unique. Then choose accessories like bows, pearls or chains and apply them wherever you want on the boot. Enjoy!